A week of extremes

During the last week Pat and I have been out and about a bit (as usual) and it’s been a week of extremes. Last weekend we went to Melbourne for an Amway conference. During or trip we went through Meningie and the weather was beautiful sunshine.

There are no photos of Melbourne that I took. I didn’t like it, so why waste the time. Look, there were some nicely designed buildings and some quaint parks but overall I was unimpressed being a country bloke. It was great to come home to Adelaide and yes, you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until you miss it! The worst thing was TOLL ROADS. What a crock of shit! Don’t we pay taxes to our government to build roads??? What are they spending money on if we have to pay tolls to use the roads???

On the way back we traveled the Great Ocean Road. What a trip. First rate scenery, lovely towns. The best was Lorne and Great meals at the Anglesea pub. As you know, Pat and I love dining out on regular occasions. One of the benefits of being an Amway distributor with passive income. We saw several venues along the way of which we want to try out. Watch this space in the future.

Then there was the dust storm in Adelaide a few days ago. The photos don’t do it justice. It was the most horrible shade of yuk! I bet out farmers will just love the top soil loss and the winterites will finally realise, yes, there is something wrong with the climate now that instead of 10 months of winter (which they never complain about because they love it) now they have had nearly six months of summer. Now they will notice it.

Here’s a piece of video we shot from Flaxmill Road.

Dust storm aside I’d rather live in Adelaide than Melbourne.

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