Customers vs Stress

As a business owner I need customers to make my business healthy. However, I often ask myself, “Are some customers worth it?”

One thing that keeps popping to mind as a part of my web business is my Help Desk. It’s in place so customers can log faults or issues at any time and my tech can address the issues asap.

I have just had on customer pull the plug on my services because for twelve months I have tried to get them to use the Help Desk but it keeps reverting to emails to me.

Now, I am paying someone to solve tech issues for my clients and the Help Desk goes straight to them. However, this customer must think pissing in my ear all the time gets things done faster. I dunno. It’s just a guess.

Well, if I have an issue with Windows I don’t ring Bill Gates. I ring the tech team.

The reason I put the help system in place is I don’t have time to address each issue personally and it really annoys me when I have to sit there and cut and paste customer issues into the help desk so something can be done. I hate double handling stuff.

As I said, this has been something that’s gone on for over a year.

Now, the other day guess what??? A help issue came to me via email again. This time I got a bit testy about it. Now the client’s re hosting.

Well, All I have to say is this….

I bet their business has systems in place to make work flow freely. What! and mine can’t.

Ok, see ya! You’re too much time and trouble for what you pay each year.

Sorry if you don’t like that but it’s a business decision and life is too short.

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