Families. Hey, who needs some of them!

My mother-in-law (whom I love dearly) had to be placed in a nursing home with not long to live. Being experienced with my mother I tried to help by offering information on the pitfalls and recommendations all based upon my experiences with my mum.

I went with my wife to visit several nursing homes in Adelaide’s south due to the fact my wife and I are the only relatives in Adelaide that would be able to take up the task of looking after mum-in-law on a day-to-day basis. We found two beautiful homes with superior medical offerings.

Well! If that didn’t cause a shit stir with the sister-in-law from LAMEROO! Who would on see mum-in-law once or twice a month. The extra 10 minutes travel was too much to ask.

So, after much hullabaloo and me being told I am not family after being married to Pat for 31 years and being called a fuckwit and not to interfere in “family business” a compromise was made and mum-in-law was placed at Brighton.

I divert: Obviously, she does not understand loving sharing relationships and being family. I suppose this can be based on her trail of destroyed relationships and the wreckage left behind. There’s nothing for her to reference. It’s just not in her understanding. I suppose I can pity her for that, but it was all her own doing. It’s her way or the highway and no partner will take that.

Anyway, to get back on track. I thought it was over about mum-in-law.

Famous last words. David you fool!

Now after sister-in-law visiting mum-in-law twice since she has been in the home (between Pat and I, we have visited about 10 times), her expert opinion is that mum-in-law is not receiving appropriate care and should be moved to Mary Potter and guess who’s taken it upon herself to move her to North Adelaide without anyone else being informed?

She is also still in the belief mum-in-law can still make her own decisions. Mate! She can’t even remember the year not to mention the day or date. She can’t remember who’s been in to see her even if you ask the next day. To sister-in-law: This is dementia and reality is slipping away. Mum-in-law even confuses the nursing home with her own home. Saying, why has the front room been converted to an office and I can’t get out the front door?” Mum, this is the nursing home reception area.

Yep, the sister-in-law. Apparently, she wants her in a better place.

WTF – Go figure.

Didn’t I just say all that in the beginning???

Didn’t Pat and I have that sorted out???

(Banging my head against a wall)

Oh! I suggested it and it was too far from Lameroo.

Guess who’s the fuckwit now?

The only thing I can think that’s motivating her is that North Adelaide is is a few minutes closer to Lameroo and further from us, the one’s who are expected to look after mum-in-law while she pulls the strings from the country.

What a self-centred, egotistical control freak. I call her, “The Puppet Master” for short.

At least I don’t feel alone in this, there’s a piece of shit at the bottom of every family (Oops) barrel.


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