Moana SLSC Production meeting

Last night we held the first official production meeting for the Moana SLSC TV (A working title) video team.

It was fantastic all the ideas that were put forward and the enthusiasm of the crew to do things for the production.

We are looking at a studio based/hosted show with roving reporters on the scene to get great interviews and video footage.

Some of the team are going to arm themselves with their phones and shoot some cut-away video that can be inserted or used for the show. Some action scenes would be great team. Go for it!

We are looking forward to teaching the crew new techniques and introduce them to new gear to help make their productions more professional and fun!

This Saturday Pat and I will both be at the club having a look at how everyone is going with their phone footage and interviews. Plus, we’ll take our gear and get some behind the scenes.

Our new host will be strutting his stuff along with our two roving reporters.

Once all the Model Release Forms are signed we will put some photos up here so you can look at what a great effort this crew are putting into the project.


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