Mum-in-law Saga Pt 2

Last Saturday night we got a rather pointed phone call from the mother-in-law from the nursing home. She was going on about not liking it there, not the place for her etc.

I commented that I’d bet the sister-in-law had been down from Lameroo. That she had used the opportunity to wind mother-in-law up about being in the new home.

Well, today my wife come home from looking over grandma’s old property and noticed various things missing to which sister-in-law had put her name on.

I rest my case, the Witch of Lameroo had been spinning her web of deceit.

Not only had she been down to collect her goodies but also rocked the boat, shaken the tree etc.

If she was so bloody worried, why didn’t she take mum-in-law back to Lameroo?

Again, I say to her FUCK OFF!

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