Summer is holding on but winter is coming

Hi there this is David again with my weekly babble.

Now we all know we’ve had a great summer and it’s been hanging on but winter is coming. On occasion we have had a cool night and they have been quite Crisp. Although the days are still warm and summer is attempting to stay in the game I don’t think it will be long before we have some very cold days and freezing nights.

Over the past few years it’s been winter that’s been winning the game. We’ve only just got out of February and the rain and cold weather has started. This year winter seems to be on the losing side with the warm days and mild nights going on and on it’s now April and we’re still experiencing 33 degree C days.

This is my kind of year, I love summer. The winter lover is now get to take a back seat while those of us that love the warm have a go.

I’m always one for the 80 20 rule where you get to what you want 20% of the time well this year it’s the 20 80 rule thank heavens with summer on the winning side.

Sorry winterites but this year it’s our turn.

See you next time.


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