Uninformed experts

I find it funny how some people think. By that I mean they complain about a lack of cash then when you offer them an opportunity they balk because it’s Amway. They are adamant that they won’t do it even though they’ve never had anything to do with it. There mind has be set by other 3rd party uninformed opinions.

Even better, one gets blasted just for mentioning the word to some people. Who have also had nothing to do with Amway.

Funny, there’s no cost involved in trying and if it doesn’t work you can bow out. So, what’s the problem??? At the very least why bash it? Why bash me?

It was pointed out to me that those that move up the line are paraded around at events as a marketing tool. Well, if I’m on $50,000 a year from Amway, then put up on stage and poke me with a stick if you like. I find it all a pathetic attitude mainly put forward by those that can’t.

Let’s face it, Amway is a business like any other and 1 in 5 other businesses fail and out of the 4 left one is a success. So, Amway is no different. Don’t blame the opportunity. I see hundreds of others that make it. They are from all walks of life. So, who’s the problem.

Now I understand why business coaches say, “You have to leave them behind!” It’s because you can’t help everyone. Like the well proved and long lived 80/20 rule. Just move on and find someone who is willing to help themselves and can get of their bum to do it!



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